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Insightful Edutech (IED) is Nigeria’s MOST RELEVANT UNBIASED career guidance company that seeks to engage a minimum of 3 million individuals on an annual basis. We are an intrinsically motivated team of professionals working to ensure every child and consequently every human finds him or herself in a profession best suited to his or her unique self.

At IED, while many career professionals are going the conventional talk way, we are aided by technology. We have leveraged on technology to create an online portal that analyzes every individual that comes forth, helping you make career decisions in a bid to ensure impact on the self and society at large. 

Asides the virtual analysis, IED boasts of a formidable professional team spread across the six geo-political zones of the Nigerian nation. 

Insightful Edutech’s primary focus is providing high school students, high school graduates and undergraduates from various tertiary institutions and vocational schools with the most relevant and unbiased career guidance services. This includes students in terminal classes of primary 6, JSS 3, and SS3. 

IEDs major focus is on Primary 5, 6, JSS1-3, SS1 – SS3 students as well as undergraduates. This is asides providing the same quality career guidance to young graduates and professionals. 


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We are here to give you an insight into your future. We are Insightful Edutech. We are IED

Our Mission


Mission: “is to inspire individuals to turn their passion, talent and abilities into successful careers and fulfilling lives. We believe all individuals should be empowered to choose a meaningful career and education pathway to position themselves for lifelong success”. 

Our Visions


Vision: “is to ensure that ALL students secure productive employment in their chosen pathway as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible using a smart web solution”

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